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Content Marketing is a Numbers Game

Content Marketing is a Numbers Game

Content Marketing is a Numbers Game

Content Marketing is a numbers game.


Brands should post 20-100+ pieces of content across all their social media platforms every day.


Brands spend too much time debating one post, when they should be testing which content works best by actually posting the content and analyzing the feedback from the community.


Don’t let your brand’s content be derived out of your marketing department’s echo chamber. Curate new content based on the responses you are actually seeing from the audience.

Providing Value via Information in your Content Marketing

One of best ways for brands to provide value to their audiences is through providing information in their content.

Informative content starts with empathizing with your potential customer. Refer to that person’s pain points and how your product or service actually solves that problem. Help them visualize what it would be like if those particular pain points went away. Illustrate the relief they would feel if their issue was no longer there.

Information is 1 of the 3 value categories of the Spiro X Value Content Model™ that we use to provide value to brands’ audiences.

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The Spiro X Value Model for Content Marketing Explained

The Spiro X Value Model requires all content we distribute on social media to be valuable for the end consumer.
Our Value Model allows for 3 types of content: Informational, Educational, and Entertainment.
These 3 content types allows you to prime your audiences, build brand, and ultimately earn more revenue for your business.

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Revenue is Driven by Customers’ Interest and Trust

A good content marketing strategy revolves around building interest and trust in your brand. Those two elements in tandem, allows your audience to gravitate towards your brand and convert into paying customers, helping drive revenue for your business.

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Increase Revenue with a Better Content Marketing Strategy

Good Content Marketing sparks interest and trust in your brand. Prime your audiences with engaging, informational, educational, and/or entertaining organic content. Once your audience is primed, all they need is a good offer for you to convert your audience into paying customers. A good content marketing strategy that consistently posts a large volume of valuable content can convert their audiences into buying customers, which results in more revenue for your business.

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Here is a quick visualization of how one longform "Pillar Content" video produced per week can contain information to post 25-75x per day, depending on how well you breakdown the information into smaller pieces of content.
Content Marketing

Every Company/Brand Should Post 20-100+ Times Per Day

Your company should post 20-100+ times per day organically on social media.

Those interactions give you more opportunities to reach out to your audiences in new ways.

Remember to provide value in every post. Each post should be about how you can give to the audience.

The best part about having a high volume of value-add posts is the ability to boost or add those posts to your social media accounts’ ad managers and promote directly from your organic posts.

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