The Importance of Content Marketing in 2021

The Importance of Content Marketing in 2021

Having a good content strategy is the most effective way to reach new audiences organically without having to pay for Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, etc. It’s simply creating content for your current consumer base and being able to put out content that is shareable across the various platforms that allows your biggest fans of your brand or your company or your personal brand to help promote that meaningful piece of content to their friends and family.

That’s the most important part of content marketing is creating content that is valuable for your end consumer. It must be more about providing real intrinsic value for your end consumer. So, no talking about coupons nor discounts nor anything salesy. That is not what content marketing is for. Leave the salesy stuff for a last-minute pitch on your media buying side.

Content marketing, the importance is to really provide value for your end consumer and the best way to offer that is by curating a myriad of different designs and different elements that speak to the heart of the brand and shares what it means to be a part of a brand’s community with the end consumer in mind.

The best method for content marketing is mostly a volume game. Quality must be up to a certain standard, of course, but volume matters. If you move too slow and try to make the perfect piece of content, you’re going to waste too much time putting out one piece of content that might not resonate perfectly with the end consumer. Rather, if you go wide and spread the content out to find which content sticks the best, you can test to see what kind of content to create going forward.

It’s important to put out many pieces of content throughout the day, at least 20 pieces of content every day. Now I know that most companies don’t have the manpower, the time, the resources to create at least 20 pieces of truly good, gripping content every day. We recommend every company to create an hour-long podcast at least once a week. It can be a video podcast video that’s just a conversation. Perhaps a restaurant can host a dinner, and the chef can hold a discussion with the guests who come in. Maybe the guests get a free meal for being a part of the video production. Talk to them about the ingredients, get their live perspective on what it is that they’re consuming. Talk about your process of how you curated, where you find your ingredients from, and you can even talk with the local farmers in the podcast. You can bring them in too and make it a good hour-long discussion about why your restaurant is quality. That is one example.

Then, grab that one-hour long video, and try your best to make a good 50 to 100 pieces of content from that one video. Now, hopefully the content is rich enough that we can do that. And from there, try to create short videos out of it 10-15 30-second to 1-minute videos. From there, we’ll make it in different formats, ones that are better for Twitter, ones that are better for Facebook, Instagram, etc. that you can post organically onto your social profiles and from there be able to reach out to your audiences.

The minimum number of social media posts per day per business we recommend is 20 because that is the bare minimum to get your brand recognized in a modern marketing age where everyone is posting content continuously. And if you’re not posting that content, someone else is swooping by and picking up that attention that you’re leaving on the table. So, it’s important to really focus on putting your content out there, making sure that the person who’s hungry or thinking about what meal they’re going to have with their dad this upcoming Friday knows how great of an aura your restaurant has.

If you put out the right content that talks about why your brand is quality, viewers will gravitate towards your business, especially for a local business. So, it’s important to put content out there for your prospective audiences. Your previous customers will appreciate quality content the most. So, it’s important to get all your current customers to follow you on social. Put up little signs in your local business that incentivizes them to follow you on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, etc.

New customer acquisition costs are high, especially in the modern media buying age, where we’ve seen the maturity of Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and social ads in general. CPM costs have risen drastically over the past 5-7 years.

As a business, especially a local business, your focus should be to get previous customers to be on the lookout for your content, and create organic content for them to come back, because that’s the cheapest, most effective way to do it.

Now, putting out that much constant is time consuming. I know, because we do it. If you really want to be above your competition and really arbitrage out all that available attention on social, you should post upwards of 100+ times per day. By repurposing content into various formats and distributing them on the social media platforms, and with hard work and dedication, you can post 100x per day. Obviously, you will need a team under you to put out that much content or you can hire an agency to handle the content creation for you.

At the end of the day, it’s about trying to maximize the viewability of your content based on consumer perspective. And that’s the most important thing you should think about moving forward. There should be enough content circulating in various formats and through different mediums and platforms so that the consumer does not feel fatigued.

It’s important to keep the content fresh and interesting. You do not want to make the same old cheesy, generic, salesy ad-like content that is already flooding the social media channels. That’s not what people want to see. They want to see real content from your company. If you’re a small business owner, they want to see the business owner. If you have a storage facility, they want to see somebody walking through the facility and discussing the security benefits your facility has. They want to hear the story-like potential of having an uncluttered home or garage. Talk about those kinds of things. Again, the chef and the restaurant idea. Talk about where you get your ingredients from. Talk about the process. Talk about the level of care you take with the food that you make for them. They want to see that kind of stuff. It’s showing the truth of the value that you provide to your customers, to your potential clients. That’s what they want to see.

Good content marketing will help your business grow by showing viewers exactly what you do on an everyday basis that puts your establishment above the competitions’.

With how far we are in digital marketing nowadays, winning businesses of the future will be the ones that focus on being a media company first and a service provider second, while obviously keeping the above and beyond standard of service your company provides.

If your competition is outpacing you in the digital content realm. It doesn’t matter how many loyal customers you have today. There’s going to be a day when one of those “loyal” customers will decide to try a competitor’s service because of a video or a social post they saw while scrolling through social media or a conversation that they had with a friend who saw that post.

Do not leave crumbs on the table. Make sure that everyone knows about how good of a service you’re offering. That’s the importance of content marketing. With the rising cost of advertising and CPMs, it’s the best way to organically grow your audiences. And if you don’t have the manpower or the time or the effort, which no business owner has the time to do this all him/herself. You either must hire and manage an in-house team or hire a marketing agency you trust to produce and post that content for you.

I hope you learn something from this post, and I hope you take what is written above seriously. Content marketing is like as it can literally save your business over the long-term. Business is a marathon, not a race.

Please let me know in the comment section, what your content strategy looks like. How many pieces of content does your brand post every day? What’s your favorite methods of putting out a good volume of quality content for your audiences and social media accounts?

Providing Value via Information in your Content Marketing

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Informative content starts with empathizing with your potential customer. Refer to that person’s pain points and how your product or service actually solves that problem. Help them visualize what it would be like if those particular pain points went away. Illustrate the relief they would feel if their issue was no longer there.

Information is 1 of the 3 value categories of the Spiro X Value Content Model™ that we use to provide value to brands’ audiences.

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Revenue is Driven by Customers’ Interest and Trust

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Here is a quick visualization of how one longform "Pillar Content" video produced per week can contain information to post 25-75x per day, depending on how well you breakdown the information into smaller pieces of content.
Content Marketing

Every Company/Brand Should Post 20-100+ Times Per Day

Your company should post 20-100+ times per day organically on social media.

Those interactions give you more opportunities to reach out to your audiences in new ways.

Remember to provide value in every post. Each post should be about how you can give to the audience.

The best part about having a high volume of value-add posts is the ability to boost or add those posts to your social media accounts’ ad managers and promote directly from your organic posts.

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