The Importance Of Social Proof In The Consumer Buying Process

Consumers always want to feel like they are making the right buying decision. They hedge their unsurety of your product or service with testimonials from your previous clients. A lack of reviews on your website, Facebook page, Google search results, Yelp page, Amazon listings, etc. are hurting your business.

Trust is a key component of the consumer buying process. The best way to build trust is through customer reviews and testimonials. Consumers want transparency. Make the effort in acquiring as many reviews from your previous customers as you can.

Be creative with your review requests. Ask customers to post photos or videos of your product/service on Instagram and to tag your company in them. Invite them to your facility for a staged testimonial.

Have them write a written testimonial by simply replying to your automated email campaign.

Once you have the reviews, you can leverage them on your website landing pages, carts, service information pages, and on social media/ marketing campaigns.

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